September 15, 2021

Introducing a New Way for Parents to Sign Up: Just Share a Link!

Have you ever wanted to put a link on your website or include a link in a mass email for parents to signup for a team or camp using Groundwork? Now you can.

When we first designed Groundwork after talking to hundreds of teams, we decided on a particular way of having parents sign up. We felt that having team organizers specify who should be on the team ahead of time and then sending out private email invitations was the way to go. We chose this because it allowed teams to track who hasn't signed up yet and who hasn't paid. It turns out, this was a good decision but this model didn't work for every circumstance.

We've gotten a lot of requests asking for a signup link that teams can put on their website or include in a mass email. And there are a lot of good reasons for one. Teams often don't know who is going to sign up and they need to open it up publicly. This applies for camps and clinics too. And some programs prefer to have people signup through their website. So, we listened carefully and built it.

How it works

Organizers can choose to allow public link signup on a per-team basis from their Groundwork account. Anyone who has the signup link can sign up to a team or program that has this enabled. You can enable link signup when creating a team or by editing the details of an existing team.

The link will look something like this and is unique to your account: (we can customize the last part for you). You can put this link anywhere: on your website, as part of your registration, in an email, on Facebook, in a text message, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.47.57 PM.png

1. Follow the signup link

After you've created your team and set the payment schedule, share the link. You can find the link in the edit team dialog or on your Settings page.

After the parents follow the signup link, they will be directed to a welcome screen and be asked to provide their email address.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.08.50 PM.png

2. Choose player and team/program

The parent enters the player name they wish to sign up and choose the team or program from the drop-down. Only teams that you enable link signup for will appear in the drop-down.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.11.56 PM.png

3. Provide contact information

If this is a parent's first time signing up, they will be asked for additional contact information.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.16.48 PM.png

4. Review payments and choose how to pay

Parents will be presented with the default payment schedule for the team. Here they can select how they want to pay. They can pay with their bank account or card. They also choose if they want to pay overtime with AutoPay or pay everything up front with "Pay All Now".

If you'd like for a particular player to have customized payments, you have a few options. The best way is to add the player to the team ahead of time and send them a private email invitation. (Once an invitation has been sent, parents can still use the signup link and get the personalized payment schedule as long as they sign up with the same email address the invite was sent to.) Alternatively, you can always customize payments after they have signed up using the public link.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.18.16 PM.png

5. Enter payment information

Parents then enter their payment information that will be used to charge them for payments.

6. Last step: Review and Authorize

Lastly, parents review their payments and authorize billing.

That's it. Signing up using a link is super easy.

When should I use Link Signup?

Link signup adds a lot of new use cases for Groundwork. We suggest using it for the following:

  • Tryouts
  • Camps and clinics
  • Lessons
  • Teams with open signups


Create a team that players are trying out for and add a tryout fee. Parents can register to tryout using the signup link and pay the fee online. When tryouts are over and you know who is on the team, you can remove the players that didn't make the cut. You can rename the team. You can also edit the payment schedule to include the current season's registration and team fees. The upshot is that since parents have already signed up, all they need to do is approve the new payments, not signup again.

Camps and clinics

Most of the time camps and clinics are open to the public to sign up for. Create a team and name it as a camp. Parents can then use the link to signup and pay.

What are the pros and cons of signup link vs email invitations?

Email Invitations


  • Customize payments ahead of time and share privately
  • Track who has not signed up
  • Groundwork can send automatic signup reminders, upcoming payment reminders and past due payment reminders to those who have been invited but not signed up. (You can customize these notification settings in the Settings page)


  • Not good for tryouts, camps, clinics or teams where you don't know who wants to join the team ahead of time
  • More data to enter (but worth it if you do)

Public Link Signup


  • Easy to setup, very little data to enter
  • Great for open signups for tryouts and camps or teams that aren't invite-only
  • Can put it on your website


  • Harder to track who hasn't signed up
  • Groundwork can't send automatic reminders to people not on the roster
  • Anyone can signup
  • Parents might signup for the wrong team

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