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For Teams

Automate team payments this season so you can focus on what really matters.

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Team collections in minutes, not hours

Groundwork helps you keep your team going with less effort, time, and cost. And no worries with bank-level security. This gives you the freedom to focus on making your team the best it can be for everyone.

Organize payments by teams and players and never lose track of another payment again.

Everything you need
for how your team works

  • Collect one-time or recurring payments throughout season
  • Award scholarships and discounts on a per player basis
  • Record and track offline cash or check payments
  • Invite assistants to help you manage team collections

Automate the busywork
and save time

  • Automatically notify parents about upcoming payments, or if the payment fails or their credit card expires
  • Automatically remind parents to sign up
  • Automatically remind parents about missed payments

Get paid on time!

Predictable cashflow from automatic billing.

  1. Parents signup once at the beginning of the season. They can pay all up front or enroll in autopay for the season.
  2. Parents receive email reminders about upcoming payments and are billed automatically.
  3. Deposits are automatically made into your bank account on a daily basis to get you paid fast.

Manage collections all in one place

Groundwork conveniently summarizes your collections progress and directs your attention to the important stuff. Instantly know which payments and players need your attention. No more jumping between your email, roster, and bank account, because it's all here in one place.

See exactly which payments are past due in real time.

How it works

Create a team

Create a team and add players. There's no limit to how many.

Define Payment

Define the standard set of payments for the team. You can then customize payments for individual players.

Invite Parents

Send parents a personalized invitation to signup to the team. They only see the fees they owe and no one else's.

Track Collections
Through Dashboard

Instantly know how much you've collected, is upcoming, or are owed.


Why these clubs love Groundwork

San Jose Sting
Groundwork has not only saved us a lot of time but has taken the liability away from coaches collecting money. We’ve been very happy with Groundwork and are introducing their services to our friends in sports. - Bob P, San Jose Sting
WAVE Volleyball Club
Parents are actually complimenting our staff on how easy and streamlined (and stress-free for all!) the payment system is at our club. Inefficient payment collection of checks and cash, "checking off" players, booking payments, and then finally heading to the bank are now a thing of the past. Groundwork takes care of everything for us. - Kristen D, WAVE Volleyball Club
Golden Spikes Baseball Club
Groundwork has been great for the Golden Spikes. I was looking for an option to help keep all of our transactions organized. Not only has it been organized, but also easy for our parents. Great customer service also. We will continue to use Groundwork in the future. - Monty M, Golden Spikes Baseball
Renegades Basketball
Using Groundwork we had a 99% success rate on collecting our Fall fees. That is unheard of. And for me, it was basically set it and forget it. Groundwork streamlines the collections process and parents like it too. I'm spreading the word to all of the clubs I know. - Ben C, Renegades Basketball
LA Premier FC
For our Development Academy Operations has helped us tremendously by allowing us to budget our additional expenses such as travel and give us a platform to efficiently collect these fees for our parents. Our parents embraced the technology due to its simplicity and user friendly interface. We look forward to include more teams to the platform in the future as we plan a major roll out in 2018. - Barry R, LA Premier FC
Sandlot Baseball
Coaching and running a team is hard enough as it is, let alone collecting money from parents. Groundwork makes everything automatic and frees me up to coach. - Matt G, Sandlot Baseball

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