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Take The Busywork Out Of Team Management With Groundwork

Paying and collecting team dues for youth sports is tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. Groundwork helps youth sports teams and clubs organize, track and accept payments online. Groundwork automates the busywork by automating payments and reminders and gives parents an online portal to manage their payments throughout the season.

Groundwork Player Payment System Gets its Start in Baseball

"Bill Lennon, co-founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Groundwork, said his company does just one thing: payments. And "we do it the best." Started in 2015 in travel baseball when Lennon and co-founder James Bergeron saw the direct hassle of constantly writing checks for travel baseball and forgetting to get checks where they needed to go, Lennon says the old-school process was inconvenient and frustrating, both for the parents and team managers."

In Youth Sports, Fintech Fights the Uncertainty of Handling Payments

"Parents with children on youth sports teams have a lot to keep track of, not the least of which is payments for the fees associated with competitions. Traditionally, the coaches or treasurers of these associations end up taking cash or paper checks from parents — sometimes at games or practices — and reconcile those payments at some point. Living in a hotbed of youth traveling teams in Southern California, Bill Lennon saw a need for the teams and parents to handle their payments online."

The Cost of Team Sports - Equipment and uniforms are just the tip of the iceberg for parents

"As the new year begins and the concern over participation numbers in team sports continues, one of the hot buttons has been the cost of playing travel sports and the impact it has on the ability of many young athletes to afford to play. Love them or hate them, travel teams are increasingly popular in youth sports but they come with quite a price tag."

PayPal's New Payment Processor Competitor In Youth Sports

"Venmo and PayPal (which owns Venmo) have made the delivery and receipt of payments quick and easy, but while they have general applicability, they do not always seem to fit well for specific, niche purposes. Because of the aforesaid, a new company is officially launching and it is called Groundwork."

Groundwork Launches a Simpler Way for Coaches and Parents to Streamline Team Sports Payments

"Groundwork, an easy-to-use, automated payment and notification solution designed for youth sports, launched today to help alleviate pain for coaches and parents who face payment and collection challenges."

3 Payment Platforms for Parents

"As the father of four athletic kids, James Bergeron was constantly forgetting to write checks for his kids' sports teams and then having to drive over to the coach or team organizer's house to drop off payment or send money via PayPal. So, he and Bill Lennon co-founded Groundwork (originally SportsPay) to alleviate the frustration of paying for uniforms, registration fees and other expenses associated with youth sports."

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Rawlings Tigers, Nation's Largest Youth Baseball Club, Partners with Groundwork

Groundwork Defeats the Paper Check in Youth Sports

Groundwork Launches a Simpler Way for Coaches and Parents to Streamline Team Sports Payments